10 Most Expensive Wines in The World.

We’ve all seen movies where people battle over a bottle of wine. Wine tasting and collecting is considered a hallmark of top culture and refinement. Even in the popular James Bond movies the super spy can rattle off any wine, it’s vintage, and who probably stomped the grapes….READ MOREExpensiveWineList

How wine is made

It all starts with grapes on the vine: and it’s important that these are properly ripe. Not ripe enough, or too ripe, and the wine will suffer. The grapes as they are harvested contain the potential of the wine: you can make a bad wine from good grapes, but not a good wine from bad grapes…READ MORE


How to match wine and food

Good news: When matching food and wine, you don’t have to learn complicated systems for selecting the right wine to enhance the food on the table. This is not rocket science. A few simple guidelines will help you make successful wine-and-food pairings….READ MORE